(Ionian Greece)

During the summer the Ionian Islands of Greece are well connected, thanks to the many flights, with major locations all over Europe, being served by different companies, also lowcost, such as Ryanair and Easyjet. You can also land on these islands making a stopover at the airport in the capital of Greece, Athens, where you can enjoy during the summer of internal connections and frequent daily, offered by the national airline Olympic, to the islands of Zakynthos - Kefalonia - Corfu and Lefkada (Aereporto Preveza-Aktion). This is the air inside is the approximate length of no more than 1 hour and 15 minutes.

We report below in more detail some of the main flights of proposals, among other companies, from Ryanair and Easyjet, departing from major European cities and towards aereporti Corfu - Kefalonia - Preveza - Zakynthos - Athens:

- London / Milan / Pisa / Manchester - Kefalonia

- Brussels / Bremen / Frankfurt / Eindhoven / Paris / Rome / Milan / Edinburgh / London - Corfu

- London / Amsterdam / Rome / Monaco of Bavaria / Vienna / Frankfurt / Stuttgart - Preveza (Aktion)

- Brussels / London / Milan / Rome - Zante

- London / Milan / Rome / Berlin / Geneva / Paris / Edinburgh / Naples / Brussels / Warsaw - Athens

Wanting to reach various Ionian Greece by sea from Italy you can find convenient links with seasonal ferries departing from the ports of Venice-Trieste-Ancona and Bari and Brindisi and headed to the main islands of the Ionian, as Corfu, Kefalonia Zante and from one of the most important ports in the region of Epirus, in northern Greece, Igoumenitsa, from where you can reach by land Lefkada (90 km south) and can make internal connections via ferry to all other major islands ionic.


Several companies serve these routes especially during the summer, and give the opportunity to the travelers to embark with their own means of transport (car / motorcycle), offering superfast connections. Here are the routes and shipping companies serving the Ionian Greece from the Italian mainland:

- Brindisi-Igoumenitsa / Corfu Grimaldi Lines

- Bari - Igoumenitsa / Corfu Superfast Ferries and Ventouris

- Bari - Kefalonia / Zante European Seaways

- Ancona - Igoumenitsa / Corfu Anek Lines

- Ancona - Igoumenitsa Minoan Lines

- Venice - Igoumenitsa Anek Lines

- Trieste - Igoumenitsa Minoan Lines

Several shipping companies offer frequent and efficient internal connections for all the main islands of the Ionian during the summer season, we mention the most important: Kefaonian Lines, Minoan Lines, Ionian Ferries, Anek Lines and Sea Jets.

By aereporti arrival, so 'as the ports, it will be possible to achieve our embarkation ports using different solutions like Pulman and local Taxi or by asking a private shuttle service that will pick you up and take you just landed directly on board our boats making immediately set sail for your vacation.



The beautiful region of Salento in Puglia has become very easy, thanks to the continued expansion of the airport links and the growing number of air companies present in the airports of Bari Palese and Brindisi. There are several airlines operating at these airports, the most important include EasyJet, Vueling, Ryanair, Germanwings, Airdolomiti, Express and the Italian national airline Alitalia.

Here below, subdividing Bari Palese and Brindisi, the main Italian and European cities linked to the two airports:


- Domestic Connections with: Milan / Rome / Bologna / Venice / Torino / Trieste / Verona / Pisa / Genoa / Cagliari / Catania / Palermo

- International connections: Barcelona / Berlin / Brussels / Bucharest / Frankfurt / London / Monaco / Paris / Prague / Stuttgart


- Domestic Connections with: Milan / Rome / Turin / Bologna / Pisa / Venice

- International connections: Barcelona / Basel / Brussels / Eindhoven / Geneva / London / Monaco / Zurich

From the airports of arrival of Puglia will be possible to reach our ports of loading sites in Taranto and Gallipoli using different solutions. Below road distances from the airports of Bari and Brindisi to the ports of embarkation of Taranto and Gallipoli to give a better idea of our travelers:

Bari Palese - Taranto: 105 km ca.
Bari Palese - Gallipoli: 200 km ca.
Brindisi airport - Taranto: 78 km ca.
Brindisi airport - Gallipoli: 86 km ca.

Depart approximately every 1-2 hours Bus shuttles that connect the inner cities of Bari and Brindisi at the respective airports, where to go on the journey to the city of embarkation with Pulman or regional trains. Inside the air stations are also naturally present car affiliated with the various airlines that offer daily rates quite advantageous and have branch offices where to release the rented car that is in Taranto to Gallipoli. There are also taxis, not so cheap, especially considering the distances, and transport companies that offer private travel by buses or vans. Also for the Salento you can ask the private shuttle service that will take you, without loss of time and cost, directly to the pier where you will board to start your holiday to discover the beauty of the Salento peninsula.