FLOTILLA (Group travelling with more than one boat together)

With Floating Holidays discover the convenience and safety of starting the holiday with our fleets. If you do not have a lot of experience along our routes or if you have recently got boating license, you will have the opportunity to be accompanied and guided by a 'Flotilla Head' that has the experience and is familiar with the ports and all the safe bays. All the flottilla's boats will move together along the routes of the itinerary chosen. Every day the trip will be scheduled by a briefing between the head and the other flotilla skippers always considering the weather conditions.

Thanks to our Flottila your holiday will be cheaper, without renouncing to your total security and  intimacy while on board.

Each crew will have the freedom to manage their own galley as they think is best.

By choosing this type of sailing holiday, you shall have the chance to share your experiences and emotions which in its turn makes the trip unforgettable.