famiglia family barca a vela sailing boat


Are you planning your summer vacation with the whole family?


Don't miss the chance to enjoy the sea and all the wonders offered by the Ionian Greece sailing among the numerous islands and rediscovering the pleasure and relaxation that only a family sailing holiday can offer.


Childs of all ages, from the younger to the older, will be thrilled to live an experience on a sailing boat, because more than any other kind of vacation, spending days or weeks at sea by participating in the life on board and enjoying magnificent places, a crystal-clear sea, entertainment and daily events, will cause even family ties, which nowadays are always more difficult to create and consolidate, you are gripping and improve, giving to the whole family something more than the simple but amazing entertainment of any other different holidays.


Modern boats are becoming more suited to offer every kind of comfort with maximum safety for passengers, even for the younger ones. In the last years in the Ionian Greece are increasing the number of families who rent sailing boats to spend their holidays, and children are always the most enthusiastic and the ones that are best suited to the life on board.

Thanks to the characteristics of the Ionian Sea and the presence of numerous islands along the entire stretch of Ionian Greece, sailing along these waters is always safer with all weather conditions and at many times of the year, considering that in Ionian Greece the season of the charter starts in April and ends in late October.


All sailing boats are equipped with every kind of safety device, by saving jackets even for little child, extinguishers or perimeter security network that avoids falling into the sea, in short everything a family could want to enjoy a sailing holiday in peace of mind even for the youngest children or the rowdy children.


Make the best present to you and your entire family, a unique experience dream, sail for a week on a sailboat in Ionian Greece, discover the beauties of Corfu, Lefkada, Ithaca, Kefalonia and other beautiful islands and islets that make up the ' Ionian islands of Greece, do not miss the opportunity to strengthen the bond between parents and children enjoying the beautiful places and wonderful untouched nature.