The space on a sailboat is rationalized to the maximum in order to allow the highest level of comfort to the crew, so avoid bringing rigid suitcases or trolleys, which may be difficult to place in the lockers (storage space of the boats). The ideal type of luggage would be a soft bag or backpacks or any baggage that, once emptied, can be easily folded and stowed away in the lockers of the boat.

We also recommend you to bring a backpack that is useful to get around once on ground to bring water, change of clothes, shoes and anything else.


Simplicity and essentiality of your clothing are most important! Do not load your luggage with evening dresses, high-heeled shoes, which you may regret. We highly recommend flip flops, sandals, shorts or linen pants.

The temperature ranges considerably between day and night when travelling by boat; therefore, do not forget to bring something warmer for the evenings on board.We recommend to bring shirts, shorts, light pants, comfortable shoes with rubber soles, sandals, a waterproof and windproof jacket, caps and hats, a sweatshirt or cotton sweater.... try to save some space in your suitcase for your fishing rod, a good book or a comfortable water inflatable mattress on which you can relax.


Life on boat and by the sea stimulates the appetite a lot!

The constitution of the galley is the task of travellers, you can stock up on everything you want and of course we will be happy to provide some advice.

We do not believe the idea of cooking elaborate meals. Remember that you are on holidays, so relaxation and fun should be your only thought.

Especially in the summer, we recommend rich and varied salads, pasta dishes which are simple and quick such as a "garlic and oil" or pasta with fresh tomatoes and basil, and some sliced bread, fruit and vegetables, fruit juices and milk with biscuits for breakfast, snacks, and bottles of prosecco and wine for your cocktails while enjoying the sunset!


Remember to bring a valid ID, if you are from Italy an identity card is enough while for non-EU passengers it is obligatory to have a valid passport.

If you plan an excursion inland and want to rent a car, motorbike or quad, do not forget to bring a driver's license.

Rules on board

The order on board is a must! The moments of docking from ports require the collaboration of all the crew. The spaces are narrow both on deck and off deck, therefore in order to avoid injury and damage to property it is highly advised that travellers must take into good consideration of the order of the whole boat. It does not take much effort and the result will make your holiday even better!

Lifestyle on board

If you are looking for an holiday that is hectic and accurate to the second, then you are not in the right place. The key to success for a sailing holiday is the slowlife, take your time to enjoy the soothing, crystal clear waters and breathtaking scenery, nature and a starry sky that you have never seen before. You will be master of your trip by not having to follow a schedule preset but could rather 'decide from time to time to moor and for how long, what to do on land go to clubs-restaurants-bars by the beaches.

Leave the hectic pace you're used to and leave space for relaxation and fun without stress, enjoying the breathtaking sunsets while sipping wine or an aperitif. Set aside the clocks!


Onboard you'll find a small kit of basic medicines and first aid: bandages, gauze, syringes, aspirin, etc...

If you have other needs or suffer from any disease or allergy please let us know at the time of booking in order to assist you in the best way.

Useful products

Do not forget to bring sun cream on your sailing holiday; as the sun is very strong by the sea!

We also recommend to bring some headgear, due to the fact that the risk of sunburn is very high.