Lefkas, a name given by the Venetians, is separated from the mainland by an isthmus lagunoso approximately 6 km long, with a bridge that opens to the passage of vessels every hour.

A ship canal and partly occupied by saline; consists of a limestone plateau, from which according to tradition, the lovelorn jump into the sea (see Saffo).

Mostly covered with viticulture and olive growing togheter with the island of Meganisi form the name of Lefkada, to which it was originally connected.

Already habited in the Neolithic Age, the island was colonized by the Corinthians, who has constructed the Corinth Canal.

Of particular interest is the prehistoric necropolis of Nidri, the castle of Santa Maura, Cape Lefkas or leap of Sappho, the Cave of Papanikolḗ, tourist villages of Nikiana, Nidri and Vassiliki.

"Leukos White” is the color of most of its beautiful beaches, and not to be missed: Aftali Beach, Aghiofili beach, Porto Katsiki, Egremni beach, Kathisma with its beautiful colours, Amoglossa, Gyra and the amazing Agios Ioannis, full of kite surfers, windsurfers and SUP.

 Keeping on sailing in the central Ionian Islands, after visiting Preveza with its Marina

and shipyards, and its small bars and nightclubs, there are Vonitza village, where is easy to find mooring and well protected inside the Ambracian Gulf.


Down after the Lefkada channel, heading towards Meganissi we can stop in the villages

Paleros or Vounaki. Between Lefkas and the mainland, opposite the villages of Lygia, there are beaches of grain Vatheiavali fields, beautiful and charming.

Down more in front of the tourist village of Nidri, Skorpios island belonged to Onassis before, sold two years ago to wealthy Russians, and small Skorpidi and Madouri islands.

Your route must stop in Meganisi where we can moor in Spartochori and enjoy dinner to Babbis taverna, or continue to Vathi main village of the island, after taking a bath in the beautiful coves of Atheni harbor.

South of Meganisi over the numerous caves on the west side there is the small island Kythros.

Going further we have to decide where to sail, to the east to visit Kalamos and Pelion beach and the village of Mitikas, or before stopping off for a swim in Kastos and Arkoudi, or even better to Atokos in the famous “One house bay”.

Cephalonia or Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian islands.

It is a land rich in archaeological evidence of a glorious past, where you can visit the monastery of Agrilion, the Venetian castles of Assos, the cave and Melissani Lake with its stalactites.

Fiskardo is the island's capital, beautiful port, nicelity and elegant in which to stand

even for several days. Deserve to be seen also, the towns of Argostoli, with the Aghoi-Theodoroi lighthouse, Assos, Sami and the beach Antisamos-Sami and Poros.

The most beautiful beaches of Kefalonia are: Agia Efimia, Antipata Myrtos Bay, Makris Gialos.

Porto Skala, Agia Eufimia, Emblissi beach, Karavomilos, Kaminia Beach, Lixouri and Xi Beach with their red sand, the clay cliffs of Lourdata, Vouti Beach, and finally Zola and Svoronata.